Rebuilding your Credit

One of the most important things you can do in today’s credit driven society is maintain a great credit rating. Unfortunately so many common issues can adversely affect your credit score and consequently your ability to obtain credit necessary to buy a vehicle, mortgage a house, obtain a personal loan, obtain a credit card etc. Without this ability it is almost impossible to save the funds necessary for major purchases. Most credit transactions are reported to the Credit Bureaus who use a complicated formula to create a personal credit score and most all credit granting institutions use this score to make decisions on approving applications.

At Buy Metro Preowned Auto Sales we have 25+ years’ experience in reviewing and submitting credit applications for automobile purchases and have a great understanding of what affects your score. We are able to present applications to lenders with the most chance of getting approvals at the best rates and terms even in situations with low credit scores. We have many lenders and are able to match an application with a lender based on their requirements and the application submitted.

We also have an arrangement with a loan company to offer credit reestablishment personal loans to rebuild low credit scores with the reporting agencies.

We would be pleased to have a confidential discussion regarding your credit with no obligation and provide some suggestions on getting your scores up and handling your financial obligations.

We welcome all credit applications and will do our best to get you in a vehicle that suits your needs and budget plus reestablish and improve your scores. Send us an application or email us at if you would like to meet with one of our advisors.