Dog Car Safety: The Best Safety Devices To Keep Your Pup Secure


Dog owners need to know how to keep their pets safe when they ride in vehicles

Every dog owner knows that safety is paramount for their furry family member, especially when they’re in the car. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize how unsafe it can be unless you take proper precautions. To ensure your pup has a safe ride each time they accompany you on the road, your friends on the Buy Metro Pre-Owned Team have created a complete guide to car safety for dogs.

We’ll cover everything from selecting appropriate seats and harnesses to understanding the laws around transporting your pet safely in an automobile. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll be driving confidently, knowing that your best buddy is buckled up for the ride ahead.
What Are the Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe In a Vehicle?
Keeping your dog safe in the car is of utmost importance. There are a variety of products on the market, depending on your type of vehicle and size/breed.
Crate or Carrier
Using a dog crate or carrier is an effective way to keep your pup safe in the car, regardless of their size. Crates and carriers can provide an extra layer of protection for your dog against the vehicle’s frame in the event of a crash.

Not only that, using a harness with your dog’s crate ensures they won’t be able to get out if something happens and someone else opens the door. It’s important to note that some dogs experience anxiety when using crates, so it’s essential to try it out before using one as part of your car ride routine.
Dog harnesses have become a popular way to keep your pet safe in the car since they use your existing backseat hardware and are lightweight. It is essential to take accurate measurements of your dog before you purchase a harness to ensure a correct fit.

Dog harnesses provide just as much safety as a car seat specifically made for dogs, but some pets don’t like them and may need time to adjust. If your dog is young, use the harness early on so that it becomes part of their routine. If they’re older, try giving them lots of treats while introducing the harness during shorter car trips, and with some Pavlovian psychology, they will soon come to accept it.
Seat/Booster Seat
When it comes to ensuring your four-legged friend is safe while travelling in the car, using a dog car seat is the way to go. They are specially designed for small- to medium-sized dogs, providing extra padding and support during rides. Many also come with built-in harnesses that offer significant protection and help ensure your pup stays in place.

A bonus benefit of dog booster seats is they help reduce motion sickness, as some reports suggest they absorb vibrations and make travelling more comfortable. You’ll also want to ensure the sides of the seat are high enough to guard against them falling out should anything unexpected happen.
Dog car barriers are a great way to use physical boundaries to keep your pet safe and secure while in the car. This is especially important for larger breed dogs, as it will keep them from getting into potentially dangerous or distracting situations. Not only that, but they can help some pooches feel more comfortable and at ease during travels.

There are a variety of barrier materials available, including metal and fabric, so you can choose the one which best meets your needs. Investing in a dog car barrier is an easy way to use simple steps to ensure your pup has the safest and most comfortable journey possible.
Dog hammocks provide a safe, comfortable way to transport your pet. Often referred to as dog car seat covers, they use headrests in the front and back to create a designated area for your dog without taking up extra space. This type of car seat cover can be beneficial for senior pets or pets with medical conditions since it offers them comfort during long rides while also helping to protect your vehicle’s upholstery from mud, water, fur, and more.

Additionally, these pet-friendly seat covers are typically made from easy-to-clean and waterproof materials that make cleanup simple after use. If you want to use a dog hammock to keep your furry companion safe on the road, you should have everything you need in one convenient package.
How To Choose the Best Option
Here are the criteria you need to consider when deciding what to use for your pet’s safety.

  • Size of the seat: It is crucial to consider the dog car seat size and ensure it properly fits your pet and its weight limit.
  • Car compatibility: Check whether the car seat you’re looking for requires a headrest for installation in your car since some cars don’t have them.
  • Cleaning convenience: If you plan on taking your pup on outdoor adventures, look for a harness or car seat which is easy to clean if they get wet and muddy.
  • Chewing habits: If your dog has a habit of chewing, choose materials resistant to their bite and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.
  • Durability: The safety device should be durable enough to withstand regular wear and tear and any accidents.
  • Comfort: Option for a safety device with soft cushioning to ensure your pup is comfortable during long journeys.

Safety features: Look for additional features such as adjustable straps and durable buckles that provide security when transporting your pup.

Ventilation: Consider whether or not adequate ventilation options are available to keep your pet cool and comfortable during prolonged travel.

Price range: Ensure the price tag is within your budget before investing in a safety device for your pup.
Final Thoughts
While driving, you need to concentrate on the road and not worry about your pet behind you. According to PetProSupplyCo, 60% of dog owners are distracted when their pets are passengers. However, with the proper pet restraint device, you can ensure you and your dog remain safe.

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