7 Apps You Need To Download for Your Next Roadtrip

Rule the road

ROAD TRIP!  How exciting is it to pack up your bag and hit the road, ready to see new places and make new memories friends or family?  If you’re like most people, the thought of going on a road trip makes you feel adventurous and ready to take on the world.


As you complete more road trips throughout your life, you learn about how to make them better every time you plan one. One way to make your road trip even more enjoyable is to download some excellent road trip apps that can help you stay organized, navigate unfamiliar territory, and find exciting things to see along the way.


Here are 8 of our favorite road trip apps that you can download for free.

Gas Buddy

In-App Purchases?: None


Details: You won’t get very far on your road trip unless you have the gas you need. But road-tripping is always about getting the most bang for your buck, and Gas Buddy is the perfect app for that.


With Gas Buddy, you can find the cheapest gas prices in your area and check up-to-date fuel prices on your route to help you save money as you travel. Gas Buddy also offers a free fuel card that you can use to save even more at the pump.


In-App Purchases?: None but requires a membership


Details: Planning for a road trip means always preparing for the worst-case scenario, especially concerning car troubles. And that’s where the CAA or AAA app comes in.


Whether you’re road-tripping the Canadian or American side of things, this app is the perfect resource for emergencies and road hazards. With CAA or AAA, you can easily access roadside assistance, find nearby hotels and restaurants, get directions to the nearest CAA or AAA office, and much more.


In-App Purchases?: None but offers a paid membership


Details: As you plan your road trip route, it can be challenging to find all the hidden gems you want to see along the way. That’s where Roadtrippers comes in.


Roadtrippers is a free app that helps you find out-of-the-way places to explore, whether they be historical landmarks, scenic hiking trails, or quirky roadside attractions. You can easily plan your route and even book hotel rooms from the app. And with a paid membership, you can access even more features and content.


In-App Purchases?: Yes


Details: Navigating unfamiliar roads and finding the best route is always easier with Waze. This free app uses real-time traffic information from other users to help you find the fastest way to your destination.


Waze also helps you avoid road hazards and traffic jams. And you can easily report accidents, police traps, speed cameras, and more right from the app itself. Plus, Waze is connected to social media so that you can stay up-to-date with friends on your road trip in real time.


In-App Purchases?: Yes


Details: Nothing is more frustrating than packing for your road trip, getting an hour or two on the road and discovering you forgot something essential.


That’s where PackPoint comes in. This free app helps you create a packing list based on the weather of your destination, how long you’ll be gone, and what activities you have planned. You can even add items to your custom packing list so that nothing gets forgotten before you leave.


And if you’re traveling with family or friends, you can all share lists so that no one forgets anything. PackPoint has options to help save space and pack efficiently, so that you can fit all of your essentials in one suitcase.

Spotify or Apple Music

In-App Purchases?: Yes


Details: What’s a road trip without your favorite music playing in the background? Whether you prefer Spotify or Apple Music, these two apps offer great ways to discover new artists and songs while on the road.


With Spotify or Apple Music, you can build custom playlists based on your road trip destination, find curated playlists from other users, and listen to radio stations based on your favorite artists. Plus, both apps offer offline listening capabilities so you can cruise without using up all of your data.


And if you have a paid subscription to either service, you’ll get access to more features like ad-free streaming and unlimited skips.

All Trails

In-App Purchases?: Yes


Details: After sitting in the car for a few hours, your legs and feet might be craving some action. That’s where All Trails comes in.


This free app helps you find the best hiking trails near your trip destination, whether easy hikes for beginners or more challenging trails that require a little extra preparation and planning. You can even filter by difficulty, length of the trail, and how many kilometres you want to hike in one day.


So before you start your road trip, download All Trails and find the perfect hiking trail near your destination to keep you moving and stay active on the road.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re planning a road trip for the first time or are a seasoned traveler, many great apps can help you navigate, discover new places and activities, and stay entertained on the road.


From Waze to All Trails, there is an app out there for every type of road tripper. So download your favorites today and be ready to take your road-tripping game to the next level.